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How does it work?

  • Hosting

    After content production, the number one cost for a podcaster is hosting expenses, mostly for bandwidth. CastWise will host your podcast for free. Get rid of expensive bandwidth for our economy of scale.

  • Audience

    Many podcasters are still building their audience. CastWise will help you to fill your audience out through cross-promotion and aggregation across podcasts to build the volume that advertisers require.

  • Advertising

    Advertising is the natural support and monetization channel for podcasts. CastWise will connect you with leading advertisers around the world. We'll match advertiser interest with your content subject area.

  • Optimization

    Many podcasts aren't optimized. This means that the file size is too large, there is dead air space, or other small issues. CastWise can clean your production up automatically. Deliver better quality, faster.

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